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Home Exterior Elements to Use Masonry Products For

Masonry products such as stone, brick, and slate can give your home an old-world elegance or a homey style depending on the products you choose and how you deploy them. Your contractor can help you determine the best types, styles, colors, and placement for masonry work to get the desired appearance and performance you are looking for.
Discover some ideas for your home’s exterior to enhance with stone or brick products.

  1. Siding or Veneer
    Siding for your home can come in various materials and styles such as solid wood, wood veneer, vinyl, metal, faux stone, and brick. But did you know that you can also find siding products made with real stone or brick? Products intended for siding typically use a thin layer of material to minimize added weight.

    A veneer siding product can take up less space and can be more affordable than an entire layer of bricks or stone up against your walls. However, once you have a masonry siding product on your home, it can look just as elegant and stylish.

    If you want to be as authentic as possible or if you want stone material as thermal mass for an eco-friendly home design, you can also use a full bed stone veneer. This involves building an entire self-supporting stone wall on the outside of the wall in question, attaching it to the previously existing wall with mortar and steel ties.

  2. Foundation Wall
    If you have a home with a foundation wall, it is likely made of concrete. Fortunately, you can refurbish the foundation wall by adding a brick or stone front to disguise the concrete and give a more elegant appearance to your home’s exterior.

    You can either have an entire stone or brick wall built over the concrete, or add a thin veneer made of either natural, manufactured, or synthetic stone. The ideal material for the project will vary depending on your budget and how much space you have available for a thick stone wall.

  3. Roof
    While most masonry products are not intended for use as a roofing material, many roofs are made out of slate, which is a type of natural stone. If you would like your home to have an all-stone exterior, slate may be an excellent roofing choice.

    Slate can be a durable and long-lasting roofing material, and it can make your roof look very attractive. It even comes in a variety of such as red, soft green, blue, and several distinct shades of gray.

  4. Windows and Doorways
    While you can’t make a window itself out of natural stone, you can use stone for exterior window elements such as stone sills, decorative arches or lintels over your windows, and entire window stone surrounds. You can also install similar elements on your doorways to provide a unified aesthetic.

    The options for adding stone and brick materials to your home can include either replacing elements with their masonry counterparts or simply installing a veneer of stone or brick. The best approach for your exterior renovation project will depend on your budget, the construction, and the structural integrity of the element in question.

    Get in touch with a local exterior construction company such as Archer’s Exteriors today to learn more about the options available and discuss the details of your planned project. We offer siding, roofing, and window services that can help you decide which products and materials are right for the aesthetics and performance your home needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping make your home exterior project run smoothly and successfully. Please let us know if you have any questions.