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How to Choose a Front Door for Durability and Security

A new front door can bring new life to your home’s exterior. However, you also have to consider non-aesthetic features like security and durability. Exterior doors are made differently from interior doors because of those necessities. Here is more information about different types of door materials and their durability. Also, included is how to increase security if your front door includes glass.

Types of Exterior Door Construction
Exterior doors differ from interior doors by their more solid construction. Many interior doors are hollow or have very light interior material. Exterior doors have a solid interior, though the interior material may differ from the exterior. Here are some common materials in exterior doors and their durability.

If you want the strongest front door possible, then solid steel is your choice of door material. Steel doesn’t crack or warp. It is also easy to repair.

Solid wood doors are classic. With the right kind of wood, your door will be very strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, solid wood doors do require a lot of maintenance and need to be repainted regularly.

Fiberglass doors have the best of both worlds with durability and beauty. They are well-known for their ability to hold up to harsh and humid weather. These energy-efficient doors can also be modeled into any type of look you want.

Wrought Iron
Wrought-iron doors are some of the most durable and low maintenance doors you can buy. They also have intricate designs that let light in without sacrificing security. While modern wrought iron doors also incorporate steel, and sometimes wood, into their designs, they are not less durable.

Aluminum doors often have an insulation core inside an outer aluminum skin. This helps improve energy efficiency and durability. Aluminum, like fiberglass, is customizable. Your aluminum door can be made to match other elements of your exterior.

Special Considerations for Doors With Glass
Many people like the looks and the extra light of a front door with glass. However, you must consider your door’s security with these doors. Fortunately, you can improve your front door’s glass security with a few simple considerations. Here are some examples of how to make break-ins more difficult.

Use Strong Glass
Ensure your front door has double-paned or tempered glass installed rather than regular glass. You may want to consider hurricane-strength glass, if feasible. Plus, reinforced glass is also a better insulator than regular glass.

Apply Security Film
Security film works to strengthen your window glass in a similar way to a car windshield. The window doesn’t shatter when struck. Instead, it fractures and sticks together as much as possible. This can slow down a burglar enough to get him or her noticed.

Choose Doors With Metal Reinforced Windows
Some doors have windows with a strong steel mesh woven inside the glass. Others have pleasant designs that also reinforce the glass. Like security film, any type of metal reinforcement slows down someone who tries to break in through the glass in the doors.

Pick a Door With a Higher Window
Look at your chosen door’s window’s design in relation to the door locks. Try to choose a door where the windows are higher up. Not only won’t they be able to reach your door locks when they break the windows, but the burglar would also have difficulty climbing through them.

Your front door is often the first impression many people have of your home. However, you must make sure your door provides the protection you need. Fortunately, exterior doors don’t have to look bulky or plain. Several different styles are available on the market that are both secure and enhance your home’s curb appeal. When you are ready for a new front door, call us at Archer to help you choose and install one for your home.