5 Ways You Can Prepare for a New Residential Roof

Do you plan to replace your roof with a new one? Upkeep and maintenance of the roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home overall, and the necessary step of roof replacement will pay off for many years. But while you wait for your new roof to go on, can you do anything to get ready? Discover a few of these valuable steps to take.

1. Talk to the Neighbors

Let your immediate neighbors know that you plan to do roofing work. Roofing is a noisy and occasionally messy business, so be courteous by being upfront with those around you. Tell them the time frame and any ground rules the contractor will follow, such as working during certain hours. Encourage very close neighbors to take a few standard precautions.

2. Clear the Area Around the House

Walk all the way around your house and assess what to remove in the yard. Not only will this clearing make access easier for the crew and reduce hazards but will protect your stuff and make cleanup easier. Remove any patio furniture, gardening tools or equipment, unsecured kids toys, bikes, and pet paraphernalia. If you can’t put it in a garage or shed, move it as far from the house as possible.

In addition, arrange to temporarily park all vehicles elsewhere. The crew will generally need complete use of the driveway and may have a number of vehicles in the area. Moving yours protects both them and your workers.

3. Remove Wall and Ceiling Hangings

While most people are aware that a new roof is noisy, they may not realize that it can cause vibrations in the walls of the house too. So, in advance, go around the house — in particular, the floor below the roof — and take down wall hangings to protect these. If possible, remove hanging light fixtures as well. If any knickknacks are particularly valuable, consider packing these away for a few days.

4. Plan for Off-Site Activities

As mentioned, roof replacement is a messy and loud business. It can easily scare pets and children alike. Pet owners usually need to corral pets away from the work both to protect and reassure them. If you have particularly nervous or curious pets, you might arrange for them to spend the day elsewhere. Similarly, younger children might benefit from being away from the noise and debris for the day.

Even adults may want to limit some activities in the house during the work. If you work at home, for instance, you can technically continue to do so, but you may find better focus if you can move to an off-site location instead.

5. Trim Your Landscape

Do some yard maintenance before roofing starts. Begin by considering any trees with branches that hang near or over the roof. You may need to remove these to provide clear access for the workers and to prevent anything from damaging your pristine new roof.

Trim back bushes and plants near the base of the house and mow the lawn just before work begins, too. Why? Again, this improves access. But more importantly, this will make cleanup work easier, faster, and more thorough because a diligent roofing crew will easily spot and remove any debris.

Want to know more about preparing your property for a new roof? Concerned with any particular aspect of your property, roof, or landscape? Start by consulting with the roofing pros at Archer Exteriors. Along with explaining our procedures for protecting your house, we’ll also help you plan ahead for this vital — but temporarily challenging — work. Call today to make an appointment.