Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Roofing Projects

You might enjoy a great sense of accomplishment if you can handle a few home projects now and then. And while some projects are straightforward, roofing repair and replacement is a task best left to an expert. A lot of skill is required to do a perfect job, not to mention the need to extend your roof’s lifespan.

Although DIY roofing tutorials on the internet can make everything look simple, a slight mishap can create several complicated issues. And without proper knowledge and training, things can quickly spiral out of control. Take a look at four reasons why DIY roofing projects may be an unnecessary risk for you.

1. Safety Risks

Because roofing projects require you to climb up the roof, you can easily slip and fall in case you miss a step. The risk is higher if the roof slope is steep, and if you’re not used to treading along a steep-pitched path. Even if you manage to walk on such a roof, you might still accidentally trip on the air vents.

You could also touch a live power line if you’re not sure how to avoid it. In doing so, you might suffer severe electric shock. High voltage electrocution can cause severe injuries and even death.

You also need to know how to position and use a ladder while still carrying heavy roofing equipment up the roof. If you do make it to the top, you need to prepare for strong winds, high temperatures, and other extreme weather conditions.

You shouldn’t have to risk your safety with DIY roofing projects. A professional roofing expert is trained to handle all potential challenges with ease and without damaging your property.

2. Poor Installation

Roofing projects require an outstanding level of expertise that can only come from years of experience. If you have little knowledge of how to repair or replace your roof, you may end up worsening the damage.

Although roofing materials may have user manuals to help you through the installation process, expertise is crucial in ensuring that everything falls into place.

Water damage is an especially dangerous problem that can wreak havoc in your home. For instance, if you replace a section of your roof as a DIY project, you may not realize a misalignment issue until a leak occurs — sometimes long after an installation. You’d need to spend a lot of money to correct the damage caused by a leaky roof.

Moreover, you could accidentally ruin a perfect section of your roof without realizing it. Therefore, a qualified roofing contractor can help avoid unintended damage, thus reducing the overall repair and replacement costs.

3. Voided Warranties

A roofing manufacturer will often extend you a warranty for any roofing materials you order for your home. The warranty extension runs for a specific period during which you are protected against any unexpected costs. However, the agreement may only remain valid if a licensed professional handles repairs and other roofing projects.

If you decide to work on a project by yourself, you may void your warranty. You might even believe you’re cutting down on costs through DIY projects. But if you were to damage anything, you’d have to pay out of pocket for any roofing material replacements.

4. Insurance Claim Denial

Sometimes, your insurance provider may deny a claim if they know about your DIY roofing efforts. Your insurance agreement may contain a clause that specifies professional repairs in the event of a claim.

You could have difficulty appealing for a denied claim if you choose to handle repairs yourself. You might need to prove that you didn’t play a role in the damage before you can get your compensation.

Don’t risk selling yourself short through DIY roofing projects. Reach out to Archer Exteriors today for reliable roofing installation and repairs.