Should You Renovate or Remodel Your Windows?

Should you renovate or remodel your home’s windows? These two approaches might sound like they’re synonymous, but they can actually be very different. And each is the best choice in different circumstances and to achieve different goals. So, what should you do? Discover what every homeowner should know about remodeling versus renovating their windows.

What’s the Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling?

The goal of renovating something is to bring it back to good condition, refresh, or reinvigorate it. So, renovating your windows usually means updating them without making large structural changes. You might simply add energy-efficient windows that fit in the same (or roughly the same) frames. 

However, remodeling’s goal is to change something’s form, function, and usage. Remodeled windows are something new and different from the old ones. They might be a new shape, different sizes, different types of windows, or even different locations than before.

When Should You Renovate Windows?

In some cases, the most appropriate choice for a homeowner is simply to renovate one or more windows. The most common reason is to improve their functionality by taking advantage of new window technology to make them more energy-efficient, cooler, less drafty, or easier to open and close. Along with improving practical use, some homeowners renovate windows when they start to look aged, worn, or outdated. 

Renovation is also a great choice when you need to stick to a budget. It allows you to get upgraded windows without breaking the bank. And if doing it as part of a larger remodeling project, you won’t spend all your budget on the windows if other elements of the project need the funds. In order to simply renovate your windows, though, you must be generally pleased with their current position, size, and location. 

Finally, some homeowners are limited in what structural changes they can make — such as by local historic building requirements or HOA rules. In this case, renovation may be the best, easiest, and fastest way to improve the home. 

When Should You Remodel Windows? 

So, when should you take the extra step of remodeling? One of the best reasons is that you simply aren’t happy with the window’s basic structure or placement. Is your kitchen dark because it only has one small window? Even the best upgrade to that window may not brighten up the place enough. In this case, additional windows, enlargement, or repositioning could do much more to make over the room. 

Certainly, another common motivator for a full remodel is when the surrounding spaces are being remodeled on a large scale as well. Obviously, if you move a wall or change the layout of the kitchen cabinetry, leaving the existing window may no longer be an option.

However, even if it’s not going to be physically blocked by the remodeling changes, consider whether a window will fit with the new space. As part of a big project, this is likely the most cost-effective time to make major alterations. For instance, could your updated living room take advantage of a view by installing a picture window or window wall? Should you change a single door to the patio into a slider?

Where Should You Start?

Is renovation or remodeling right for your home? This is a question that only the homeowner and a qualified contractor can answer. There is no right or wrong path, but the choice depends on many factors.

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