6 Benefits You Enjoy When You Install a Storm Door for Your House

The comfort and safety of your home are vital considerations when putting up exterior fixtures. Storm doors protect your doors from weather damage and improve ventilation in the house. Thus, they are a perfect addition to your entryway for added safety and comfort. 

Still, if you do not live in an area with bad weather and have good ventilation, you may wonder what benefits you can get from a storm door. Read on to learn the six benefits of installing a storm door in your entryway. 

1. Improved Weather Protection 

A storm door protects your front door from the elements. Storm doors keep snow, rain, hail, and heat from damaging your front door. This door is an excellent solution if you have a door made of less durable material.

If you live in an area where you frequently experience winter storms or torrential rains, the constant exposure to moisture can cause severe damage to your front door. You can expect your front door to last longer after you install a storm door. 

2. Enhanced Security 

Storm doors have locks, which keep anyone from breaking in since they have to get through two doors to access your house. This acts as a deterrent to thieves. When it gets too hot, you can leave your front door open and keep the storm door shut. Thus, you enjoy a cooler house without worrying about security.

If you need extra reinforcement, get a door with heavy-duty steel frames. Even a skilled thief will have difficulty removing a steel storm door. Additionally, steel storm doors have various designs that enhance your home’s curb appeal while improving security. 

3. Noise Reduction 

Storm doors comprise three layers: the front and back, and an insulation layer in the middle. These layers provide insulation, minimizing noise levels in your homes. If you live on a busy street, you will notice you hear less traffic once you install a storm door. 

The sound insulation provided by storm doors is especially beneficial if you are a light sleeper or work from home and need silence as you work. 

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

The additional insulation provided by a storm door reduces heat loss in the winter and keeps the house cool during the summer. Thus, your HVAC system does not overwork to control indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption. 

High-quality storm doors have low emissivity glass, which reduces heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency. Improved energy efficiency means a lower electricity bill each month. 

5. Better Air Circulation 

It is hard to enjoy fresh air in your house when you have to keep your door closed all the time. Some storm doors have retractable screen panels that allow fresh air in the home. Thus, you can open your door during breezy weather to enjoy better air circulation around the house. Improved air circulation minimizes odors and improves ventilation in houses with fewer windows. 

6. Natural Light Without Pesky Bugs 

A storm door is a handy solution if you have to keep your front door closed all the time to keep insects out and your kids and pets in. The screen panel on storm doors traps flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. Thus, you can open your doors to brighten your home without the risk of allowing insects into the house. 

You can keep the front door open while you shut the storm door, allowing your pets and kids to enjoy the weather while they remain indoors. 

Storm doors can make a massive difference in your home’s comfort, security, and functionality. Thus, they are a great upgrade for your entryways. The experts at Archer Exteriors can help you choose the perfect storm door for your house. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our door experts.