Should You Renovate or Remodel Your Windows?

Should you renovate or remodel your home’s windows? These two approaches might sound like they’re synonymous, but they can actually be very different. And each is the best choice in different circumstances and to achieve different goals. So, what should you do? Discover what every homeowner should know about remodeling versus renovating their windows. What’s … Read more

4 Factors Affecting Your Roof’s Lifespan

Even with the finest weather, best care, and maintenance, a roof can’t last forever. At one point, your roof will wear away and deteriorate to warrant a replacement. But considering how much you’ve invested in your roof and the replacement cost, you definitely want it to last the maximum number of years. But did you … Read more

5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windows

When did you last replace your home windows? While home improvement projects improve homes’ comfort, safety, and curb appeal, the tasks can be time-consuming and costly. Most homeowners will thus maximize their windows’ life cycle and only replace windows when absolutely necessary.  But if your timing on window replacement is wrong, you compromise the comfort and … Read more

4 Outside Projects That Will Provide the Best ROI

When choosing projects to upgrade your home’s exterior, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. You must consider how your upgrades will expand your family’s enjoyment, how the upgrades will benefit your home, and how the changes will increase your curb appeal. But you should also consider how your outside project will affect your … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Roofing Projects

You might enjoy a great sense of accomplishment if you can handle a few home projects now and then. And while some projects are straightforward, roofing repair and replacement is a task best left to an expert. A lot of skill is required to do a perfect job, not to mention the need to extend … Read more

Signs You Need New Gutters

Signs You Need New Gutters

Gutters are an integral part of your home. Typically, they direct water away from your doors, windows, exterior walls, and foundation. Residential gutters can last for many years under proper care. After that, they will become dysfunctional and present multiple problems. Just because your guttering system looks excellent, this doesn’t mean it works correctly. Discover … Read more

How to Choose a Front Door for Durability and Security | Archer

How to Choose a Front Door for Durability and Security A new front door can bring new life to your home’s exterior. However, you also have to consider non-aesthetic features like security and durability. Exterior doors are made differently from interior doors because of those necessities. Here is more information about different types of door … Read more